Chasing a Darkened Sun…

Monday, August 21The Great American Eclipse of 2017... Alice & I, and several of our friends, really wanted to see the Darkness of Full Totality that would come with this Eclipse.  The problem? The Line of Totality would be 160 miles away, and we had commitments to be elsewhere the day before, and the day after.   So… if we were going to see Full Totality on Eclipse Day, we would have to leave early in the morning, drive the distance, find a comfortable spot, get set up, and only then… sit back and relax to enjoy the event (10:27 AM, MST) . And that is just exactly what we undertook to do.

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A Gentle Trail to Roughlock Falls

Alice and I have been ‘Summering’ in the Black Hills of South Dakota for several years now, and have come to really love the Mountains, Canyons, Creeks & Lakes found here.   Recently, we undertook a pleasant short hike on the Roughlock Falls Trail, located in one of our most favorite back-country areas – Spearfish Canyon. This post is about that hike…and to also share some recent Regional news that we just learned… that evidently this area is designated to become South Dakota’s newest State Park – “Spearfish Canyon State Park”.   Excellent news, as this post will show why. Continue reading

First Dam… on the Colorado.

Alice and I have long enjoyed roadtrips into the back country. Recently, during one of these trips along California’s CR S24 in Imperial County, we came across an old Dam located on the lower Colorado River… that somehow looked familiar.   Sure enough – turns out just the night before we had watched an old 1936 Gene Autry Cowboy movie titled ‘Red River Valley’… about a ‘new’ irrigation Dam in the old west… Yep – it was the same Dam!   We were intrigued… and made plans to come back.

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Observations on Retirement & Motorhoming… Year 5.

Jim & Alice LaPeer… Black Hills, South Dakota

Hello, Folks. It is February 2017, and Alice and I are back on the road again.  Over the last 2½ months we have been living in ‘sticks & bricks’, staying with family in Ohio, Texas and our house in Michigan. Now, with the Holidays behind us… and a new Grandson in the world… we are back in our motorhome, recently completing an 8-day, 1525 mile trip from Texas to Wellton, Arizona.   This will be our 5th year of Fulltime RV’ing.   And once again, in response to requests from friends back home in Michigan (and elsewhere), we’ve updated our annual post about our experiences. Here it is – Enjoy!

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Where Steamboats used to go…

Hello, folks.   Alice and I are ‘back down home’ again, in the Deep South of East Texas.   A few days ago, we had an opportunity to take a Fall Boat Trip up an old historic waterway of mid-1800’s America… Big Cypress Bayou with our destination being the historic Steamboat City of Jefferson, TX.   And what a trip!   This is the Ark-La-Tex area, full of history that centers around Texas Independence, French Cajuns, the Louisiana ‘Neutral Strip’, bad Outlaws, and… music, like KWKH’s 1950’s “Louisiana Hayride”.

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Finding Elva’s Grave…

Alice and I enjoy exploring American History…and our retired traveling lifestyle fits well with this hobby.   Recently, we made a weekend visit to a very historical segment of the Oregon Trail  located in Southeast Wyoming… a 12-mile stretch between Fort Laramie  and Register Cliffs (Guernsey), about a day’s travel for the Emigrants.   This short blog update comes as a result of an interesting side trip that we made while on that visit, one that unexpectedly grabbed our emotions… and prompted this brief post.   It serves as a lasting visible reminder of the hardships that the early Emigrants faced while traveling the Oregon Trail… and what strong people they, and therefor we, Americans must have been.

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The Las Vegas… that Most never see.

When coming to Las Vegas, most people arrive with a certain set of expectations and images in mind… Glittery Casinos… the Las Vegas Strip… Fremont Street… Pawn Stars. but there is another side to Las Vegas – the places outside… that most never see.   With this post, I would like to visit a couple of those locations… one of them that happens to be out in the desert… and the other that happens to be… up above the desert.

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The Petroglyphs… of Sears Point

Arizona’s Lower Gila River Valley is well known for its early American Indian settlements and Historical Trails. Indeed, the visible evidence of these Settlements & Trails are found all up & down the Valley.  So, when Alice and I first heard of a large Petroglyph site at a location in the Valley named Sears Point…  not far from the Painted Rock Petroglyph site… we did some research at the local Wellton, AZ, Pioneer Museum… and a few days later with our good friends Al & Barbie Rupiper, headed out to find it.

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An Afternoon… in Los Algodones, Mexico

Los Algodones, Mexico… Situated on the Mexican.. Californian, and Arizonian (Yuma) borders… Legendary among Snowbirds for its high quality, low cost dental services and Pharmaceuticals… And consequently, a Winter destination for tens of thousands of Canadian & American retirees.  This Travel Post comes from a recent day trip that Alice and I took to Los Algodones, along with our good friends from Michigan, Bruce & Sue Burt.

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