Observations on Motorhoming & Retirement… Year 3.


Jim & Alice LaPeer

Hello, Folks. It is March 2015, and Alice and I have been in Arizona for a few weeks now… We’ve reconnected with good friends from previous year’s travels, and enjoyed the sunshine & warm weather…  We drove our ‘toad‘ on a ‘road’ trip to the California coast (San Clemente) with our daughter & granddaughter who flew out for an early surprise visit… and generally eased back into the Motorhome way of living. This is our 3rd year of RV’ing, so we are not newbies… However, we are still learning.  

This post is in response to friends back in Michigan to share our updated lessons from last year’s “Observation’s on Motorhoming“, where we discuss the Nuts & Bolts of living & traveling the American West in a Motorhome.

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