Rodeo at Hart Ranch!

Should anyone ever wonder… Are there are still Cowboys and Cowgirls in this world?   The answer is a resounding Yes!   Lots of them, right here in South Dakota.   Alice and I just spent two nights at the Hart Ranch Rodeo watching them… riding Broncs, Bucking horses, Barrel racing, Steers, and Bulls.   We were close enough to hear the horses wheezing as they bucked… and the Bulls snorting as they easily threw ALL comers… Bulls 10, Cowboys 0! Continue reading

2013 Sturgis Biker Rally

Sturgis, South Dakota is the home every year for the largest Motorcycle Rally in existence… The little Town of Sturgis, SD grows from a few thousand residents to over 500,000 folks… Residents, Bikers, gawkers… with the streets blocked off for nothing… but… motorcycles.  After hearing about all the bawdy revelry that goes on, Alice and I decided to go see for ourselves… Continue reading