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Hello We are Jim & Alice LaPeer… Michigan Residents, in our 6th year of traveling the country in our 36′ National RV ‘Dolphin’ Motorhome.   This year, 2018… we are still planning our travels… but for sure, they will include Arizona for the Winter… and then slowly taking the back roads to the Black Hills, SD, where we will spend the Summer at the Hart Ranch Resort again… and then in the Fall… ‘wherever the road takes us’   🙂


It is early February, 2018, now, and Alice & I have been back in our motorhome at Coyote Wash, AZ, for a couple of weeks.   Sure feels great to be back!   Over the Holidays we undertook a 105 day (car) road trip back East, where we spent a lot of time visiting friends, family and Grandkids… but now we are enjoying sunshine, warm weather, camp fires, Sunsets, and friends.   Coming up: some new adventures!

And if you are wondering just where Coyote Wash is… it’s close to Yuma, Arizona, a surprisingly delightful Winter Snowbird place. Click here for the Yuma Visitor’s Guide.

I would note, in our travels we take considerable advantage of the free overnight camping locations as found in the Escapee Club’s, marvelous Days End Directory. We have camped in wonderful locations found there… that money could not buy – it’s that good.

                         Home on Coyote Wash Golf Course

Our winter home for the next few months on Coyote Wash Golf Course… Wellton Arizona.   We love the sunshine, the views, and the sunsets.   The 12th hole tee box is in the background.   Click on picture to enlarge view.

Coyote Wash Golf Course... Our winter home.

Coyote Wash Golf Course… Our winter home

Slide Show of Last Year’s Best Pictures
To view a full-screen, high-resolution slideshow of 2017’s Best Pictures, click the ‘curved arrow‘ just below the picture on the right.   To return to normal display, hit [Esc] key.   Otherwise, place cursor over the picture to display the slideshow control buttons.   Comments are Welcomed!

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12 thoughts on “             Welcome… to Our Home Page

  1. I read your very interesting ku Klux Klan raid story. I’ve been digging into my ancestry and William Sanford Morgan is my great great grandfather. I descend from Noble Leon. I’d love to hear more!!

  2. Hi, Rich and Sue early 60’s from Grand Rapids (Wyoming actually) We’d like to get your experiences and help guide us into full timing. Our time frame is in 4 years. We are going to keep the mortgage free house and let our son stay in it paying taxes, utilities, etc while we’re gone. Montana would be our first destination and slowly follow the warm weather. Plan is to buy a used 2007 Navigator 45PBQ anywhere the price is best. We’d like to avoid paying MI sale tax on it, any thoughts on this other experiences you have would be appreciated as we begin our planning. We have have three MH’s last one a DP and very familiar traveling MI to SD, CO, to FL often when the kids were young

  3. Hi Jim and Alice
    Our trip two years ago to South Dakota was equally enjoyable, some pretty
    country. Enjoyed the slide show.
    Thank You

    • Hi Gary. Just wanted to drop a quick line in reply and say ‘thanks’ for the nice comment. I must admit, Alice and I have become ‘smitten’ with South Dakota. it is just a beautiful State. Hope all is well for you back in Grand Rapids. It would be nice to get together and have lunch again some time.

      Take Care,

  4. We just wanted to let you folks know how much we enjoyed visiting with you this week at HR. We’re just sorry we didn’t hook up with you earlier!!
    Hope you have a great summer, and we look forward to our paths crossing again.

  5. Hi, guys! We are wrapping up our Canadian Rockies stay, and will re-enter the states in Montana tomorrow. We’ve had a marvelous time!!! The scenery here is absolutely spectacular. We will try to connect by phone or Skype, or something when we get back to Arizona around the first of November. Hope you have enjoyed your stay in Rapid City. Have you left for Wichita yet? The hot air balloon festival is next on our agenda, October 8-13. Blessings to you both, and hope to talk soon!
    Ron & Cindy

    • Hi again, Cindy. I envy you the Canadian Rockies. One of these days…

      Yep, give us a call… or we can dust off the skype camera/mic. Hope you enjoy the Balloon HOP. We are still on track to leave Hart Ranch on September 30, getting to the Wichita area a week later. We are looking forward to visiting with our son there. After that, To a Thousand Trails camp in NE Texas for a month or so… then back to Michigan by car for the Holidays. Lets stay in touch for the coming Winter months. Lots of fun things we can do…

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